Saturday, 24 January 2015

“THEORY of EVERYTHING”- 1st step on the basis of Dark Energy & Dark Matter

1. “we are studying science”
2ND OPINION: NO, we are studying ‘terrestrial science [on the basis of 4% knowledge]’, ‘universal science [on the basis of 96% knowledge]’ is different. My 2ND OPINION will tell how? 

It is just like an abstract.
2. “searching dark atom by collision”
2ND OPINION: dark atom rarely collide at present terrestrial condition, because condition is now quite stable. It can be searched by creating unstable condition here or by doing experiment in unstable condition present elsewhere in universe or waiting for another disaster here.
3. “temperature can't be below absolute zero because volume of matter become zero”
2ND OPINION: the temperature exists below the absolute temperature. There is a universe beyond the white matter. The volume of white matter become zero it does not means the volume of all matter become zero.
4. “earth’s magnetic field exists”
2ND OPINION: magnetic field exists but it is caused by DE
5. “Matter has a mass”
2ND OPINION: matter doesn’t has mass. It has mass when it is surrounded by energy [how & why? Can be explained easily] & resisted by ……..
6. “no relation between GR & quantum gravity yet”
2ND OPINION: yes there is the relation. Both can be explained on the basis of DE.
7. “g ” does not depends on mass.
2ND OPINION: because mass does not exists everywhere.
8. “centre of gravity of ring exists at the centre where practically no mass exists”
2ND OPINION: it is due to DE & DA
9. “speed of light is the highest speed”
2ND OPINION: speed of DE is higher than light because it is the most fundamental thing of the universe, it is controlled by …… while light is the packet of energy.
10. “mass of the matter become infinity when it move with the speed of light”
2ND OPINION: at the speed of light mass does not become infinity, in fact its momentum become very-very large or mass become lesser to support law of conservation of momentum. It mass increases to infinity only when it is resisted by ……..
11. “we can not send the object with the speed of light because WORM HOLE not explained yet”
2ND OPINION: it is possible by creating energy layer around the object by ……. &  choosing non traditional path to escape from the solar system. For it structure of our galaxy & black hole play an important role.
12. “in black hole information are lost”
2ND OPINION: in fact there is no information loss in sense matter & energy goes in matter & energy comes out. One side matters are destructed on other side matters are created [can be explained by the inner structure of galactic core & formation]. 
13. “space – time”
2ND OPINION: it is imaginary thing for mathematical approach & application. The basic thing is DE & its derivatives from which the universe is made. They form an structure called …… from which whole universe is made up of.
14. “the reason of gravity is the bending of space – time curve”
2ND OPINION: NO, it is due to the 4 basic things but not due to mass. The Sun does not cause depression in space – time curve. In fact it cause elevation of Earth in DE model. Sun never attract it pushes the object [how & why can be explained by the formation of DE & DA & their propagation]
15. “gravitational lensing & theory of relativity”
2ND OPINION: It can be easily explained by “theory of everything – on the basis of DE & DM” [without using space – time]
16. “gravitational wave & distortion in space - time”
2ND OPINION: It is caused by DE & its remote control [not by distortion of space – time]
17. “gravity is a pushing force. Tide is caused by Sun & Moon”
2ND OPINION: gravity is a pushing force. The tide is caused by pushing effect of DE & …..[my new concept of gravity on the basis of DE]
18. “threat from alien”
2ND OPINION: very less chance now because the landing condition for the UFO i.e. our atmospheric condition has changed a lot. It is possible in the condition of an early earth. The asteroid, comet or other heavenly bodies collide to our earth at that time only.
19. “E = m c² “
2ND OPINION: the ‘energy released’ is the ‘least energy released’. The actual energy released is much more than the Einstein's E
20. “moon formed by collision”
2ND OPINION: moon is not formed by collision. It formed just after to earth, better to say with earth.
21. “ Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus & Neptune are the planet”
2ND OPINION: No because they are not formed by the excreta of our Sun. They are actually JrSUN.
Rest thing of our solar system have same origin i.e. excreta of our Sun’s supernova blast. Outermost planets Pluto & beyond may be exo-planet.
22. “solar flare harms us”
2ND OPINION: it certainly effects us but luckily most of the energy & its derivative select the different path [not due to the MAGNETIC FIELD of our earth] to reach their favorite destination.
23. “earth quake & volcano
2ND OPINION: due to the DE. It is like ‘vomiting’ or ‘jail break’ of energy [not DE] & trapped matter.
24. “life comes from other place”
2ND OPINION: earth itself gone through the condition essential for the origin of life [formation of solar system will explain it easily]. So there is no need for external carrier of life.
25. “pulsation”
2ND OPINION: it is the universal phenomenon that gives life to the universe.
26. “energy layers”
2ND OPINION: it is the universal truth without it no matter exists.
27. “what control our biological system?”
2ND OPINION: DE, Energy layers, Pulsation & remote control [that control DE] are responsible for normal & abnormal activity of our biological system at atomic & sub atomic level.
28. “astrology & science”
2ND OPINION: astrology can also be linked by science through DE. Alignment of heavenly bodies cause a huge difference in DE movement. Hence situation likes DOOMS DAY may arise but its impact  on earth may be seen after many years.