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Getting our hands on dark matter

My conversation in Quantumdiaries [blog]- CERN


The location[condition] where we are searching ‘the high impact of DM’ is correct? Our atmosphere is now almost STABLE.
At present condition, it is true that little more impact seen in
Xe than Ge/Si [here interaction with Nucleus taken, not Atom].
It is also true that DM is more near the GALAXY & …., but what about other places?
DA,DM are not far away to feel & their interactions with Baryon is not too complicated to
understand.Is only air comes out when we fill water in empty bottle?
The role of DE energy is interesting. The role of 94-96% is very important in this universe. Our present theory is only based on the knowledge of 4-6%

CERN says:

of course, it is hard to say we know how to look for dark matter. Nobody know yet if and how it may interact with matter. So we test many hypotheses.
Dark matter is also seen to be concentrated in galaxy centres so indeed, it is a good place to look.
Outside a galaxy centre, the density of dark matter is much reduced. For example, in our Solar system, far away from the galaxy center, the quantity of dark matter within the Solar system amounts to 0.0000000000001 times the mass of the sun. So yes, when you fill up a bottle, it is essentially just air coming out. There is very little dark matter here to start plus it permeates regular matter anyway.
I hope this helps, Pauline

Tnx. for such a quick response.
It means our immediate surrounding [invisible part] contain only air? Then what about SUPERSYMMETRY & 96%?


Telecommunications expert suggests Earth may have dark matter disc
Jan 03, 2014 by Bob

It is true that dark atoms are present everywhere including near the earth. But the sizes of resulting dark matters are smaller near the earth with respect to that found near galactic cores or stars.
It is also true that the size of dark matters near equator is little larger than at other places on the earth except inside the earth. Dark atoms are always balancing white atoms to maintain super-symmetry. If we put water in a bottle, both dark atoms & air (white atoms) comes out. White atoms are swimming in the ocean of dark atoms. Dark atoms & dark matters have been continuously adjusting them self in universe. Stars are not the source of dark atoms but they are the warehouse of dark atom.

CERN says:

Well.. while it is true that dark matter is more concentrated in the center of galaxies (and therefore there is less dark matter around us on Earth since the Earth is far from the galactic center), I doubt anyone can confirm that there is more around the equator than the poles. And you are talking about dark matter atoms: we do not know if dark matter forms composite objects like regular matter. And when you say: smaller, you mean in fact less concentrated or fewer dark matter. But I am afraid many of your assertions there are pure speculations. And you might well be right when you say that stars are not the source of dark matter (not atoms) but just warehouses for them. In fact, I think this statement is more tru for galaxies than for stars. Dark matter palyed a role in galaxy formation but not in star formation.
Cheers, Pauline


Kindly refer to your response dated January 8, 2014 at 7:29 am, I want to contradict on following points:

1. Dark matter is also made up of dark atom.

2. Dark matter is more concentrated in the centre of galaxies but it is not the warehouse of them, it is the PRODUCTION HOUSE.

3. Dark matter do not play a major role in galaxy formation, it is a part of GALAXY.

4. Earth has less dark matter but it is not due to very large distance from galactic core.

5. When I say smaller dark atom it means size not its concentration.

6. Dark matter do not plays a direct role in star formation but its alignment will help in star formation just away the galactic core in DISC not in HALO.

Yes, my assertions are appearing as pure speculation but all my comments (very short) on black holes, dark matter, supernova, gravity etc.(ref-below links) are on the basis of dark matter & dark energy.

I can explain the cause of lots of phenomenon on which our scientists are working. I can give the evidences of my speculation by explaining the causes of gravity, formation stars, formation of planets, formation of moon, formation of dark atom, formation of dark energy, how dark atom are continuously interacting with the environment, why dark matter is more near galactic core?, what is the destination of dark atom formed in galactic core?, formation of electron ring around the earth, why comet is not the source of life on earth, why neutrino found more near Antarctica, why a molded metal object remain in the same shape ….. these are only the few.

I am delighted if you or your team member will guide me, where & how I can place my detailed work to cross check or amend.

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CERN says:

Hello again,
it’s great to hear that you have the answers or assertions to all these questions.But what matters most in science is tangible proofs. A theory, as elegant as it might be, remains just hypothetical until it is proven by hard facts. This is exactly what happened with the Higgs boson and the Brout-Englert-Higgs field. It all remained pure speculation until the LHC experiments discovered a type of Higgs boson in 2012. I agree with you: it seems logical to suppose that dark matter is also made of dark atoms, themselves being built of dark particles. This is a widely accepted idea in the physics community but no one can say it is so until he or she has proven it.
The best place to expose your ideas is to submit your paper to the Physics archives: The whole physics community will then be able to see your ideas. It is certainly a more suited place than this blog. It is indeed the policy of the Quantum Diaries site to only accept short comments on the topics addressed in blogs.

Cheers, Pauline