Tuesday, 2 April 2013

SERVICE LANE- in management

SERVICE LANE in ground transport can be used in many ways without DISTURBING THE TRAFFIC “DIRECTLY” 

SERVICE LANE in MANAGEMENT means THE NEW INNOVATIVE CHANNEL to resolve the many complicated issues particularly in OPERATION & IMPLEMENTATION without disturbing employee, directly.

If we want to make our SYSTEM MORE EFFICIENT, there are 2 ways-

DIRECT-         going to particular area/problem through traditional CHANNELS & RULES which may be TIME TAKING & employee may OPPOSE DIRECTLY.

INDIRECT-     going to the same area through INNOVATIVE CHANNELS & RULES- which may be EFFICIENT & EFFECTIVE without much DIRECT OPPOSE by EMPLOYEE. It has LONG TERM IMPACT. It is best to FULFIL COMPANY HIDDEN AGENDA. Since it has LONG TERM IMPACT management will not get immediate reaction from EMPLOYEE.