Thursday, 20 June 2013


We can get success by using different assumptions [like different people find success by following their own god & religion]. Present theories are not the only way of success. Success comes because we are thinking more religiously on these theories.

If we think that by using the knowledge [property] of 4-6%[White (Baryonic) Matter], we have correctly explained or going to explain the 100%, then we are in confusion.
The knowledge of 76-74% [Dark Atom, Matter & Energy] may not change the process, effects & formula, but certainly changes the basic theory behind it.

Think why we are reaching iss in less than 6 hours instead of 51-52 hours?

Why universe is expanding instead of so many types of pulling force?

We should focus on the new theory based on dark matter, dark atom & dark energy. We cant ignore these, as previously.

Our mathematical approach is good, but it is for justifying/proving our assumption & theory not always for explaining theory & assumption

Take an example of gravitational force F=GMm/r²
                                                                    here the value of F depends on certain factors only, as shown in the formula. It is also true that this is proved many times.

But no one claim that the value of F at particular point is only due to above mentioned factor only. 

Let us take Virial theorem, is the reason of particular value of F is so simple?
At earth it is due to some different set of situation & at Neptune or at the planet of other stars [situated in another galaxy]; it is due to different set of situation.


I am not claiming that this concept is right or that concept is wrong [in my case, I have not yet given anything, because it is not a platform

All the new thought seems GARBAGE at first, but before throwing it in DUSTBIN, we must understand it with full Empathy & zero Halo effect. Scopes of amendment - ALWAYS EXISTS.

What you say when a SINGLE GARBAGE TYPE OF CONCEPT explain/re-explain the following- [using 74-76% with 6-4%]

Formation Of Galaxy, Regeneration Of Galaxy, Formation Of Black Hole, Formation Of S-Star, Types Of Galaxy, Reason of inter connecting arm, Formation Of Star, Regeneration of Stars, Why heavier metal comes out 1st during Supernova explosion?, Role of Temperature in the birth of Stars, Planet?, Formation of Planet, Satellite, Asteroid Belt, Kuiper Belt, About Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, About Pluto & Comet, Explain About Dooms Day-21.12.12 Situation, Reason Of Gravity, Why It Is More On Surface?, Why Satellite feels more pull towards the darker side of Moon?, Why Virial Theorem is very near to explain Gravitation?, Why Sun is hard to Hit by?, Why Universe is expanding, in spite of so many attractive force?, Why g is same for all objects?, Why Orbital velocity of planet increases near the Sun?, What is Dark Matter, Dark Atom & Dark Energy, where they Are? Why Dark Matter gone, which was more in early Earth?, Role of Dark Energy?, Source of Binding Energy?, Is number of Elements are only, what we see in Periodic Table?, Why water molecules immediately reach the chilled water bottle to lose Energy?, Why Oxygen rush to fire, carbon dioxide away, Why Oxygen go inside body, but comes out in Plant?, How Dark Matter, Dark Atom & Dark Energy interact with White Matter?, Why the value of Energy in E=mc² is more than the Calculated Value?, Why Number of Electron is proportional to number of Proton? Or Why Electron cloud holds only the same no. of Electron, as Proton in Nucleus? And many-many more

[Above topics are only a main topics, many sub-topics are also studied] 

Biology is also not much away.

[Regularly checking latest outcome published by/through leading journals/organisations in last 3 months with GARBAGE CONCEPTS outcome]

Ref. - my blogs & twitter, where I just start writing, but only few sentences because details are for sending in journal.




  1. 'the theory of unified ....' this will redefine many basic concept & assumptions.

  2. "OUT OF BOX THINKING" because all my each comments in blogs/articles/papers/news are on the basis of different concept [without using present approach].

    I already have the detailed explanation of all the topics mentioned above. The latest paper gives me great pleasure when their finding is very near to my written explanation [already written between march'13 & may'13].

    Hand written doc. with picture are ready with me but still want to cross check before placing it. "NEED PLATFORM"

  3. 17th, March 2014 is the big day for science & for me too. My work on dark energy & dark matter to explain the universe got a strength.

    I had already sent abstract on 15th, Aug'2013

    General Relativity and Gravitation
    "GRAVITY"- a PUSHING FORCE [-a "Layman concept of Unified Dark Energy"]

    --Manuscript Draft--

    Manuscript Number:

    Full Title: "GRAVITY"- a PUSHING FORCE [-a "Layman concept of Unified Dark Energy"]

    Article Type: Original Research

    Keywords: Gravity; Pulling force; Fifth force; Acceleration due to gravity; shielding effect;standard model; dark energy

    Corresponding Author: Shree kant, M.Sc.,M.B.A Swaraj Groups jamshedpur, Jharkhand INDIA

    Corresponding Author Secondary Information:
    Corresponding Author's Institution: Swaraj Groups
    Corresponding Author's Secondary Institution:
    First Author: Shree kant, M.Sc.,M.B.A
    First Author Secondary Information:
    Order of Authors: Shree kant, M.Sc.,M.B.A
    Order of Authors Secondary Information:

    Abstract: 'Gravity' is an 'Effect', which is PULLING by nature, but its CAUSE is certainly not a PULLING FORCE as it has been assumed, claimed & proved time and again. The cause of gravity is the "PUSHING FORCE"- the SINGLE FORCE of the UNIVERSE that governs all the phenomenon of the universe. It is the reason of expansion of
    Universe, formation of Galaxies, black holes, stars, planets, moons, asteroids, kuiper belt, comets etc. It is also responsible for the formation of Dark Atom and White Atom [present visible atoms]. It means our Galaxies, stars, planets, moons etc. are not PULLING us towards themselves, as it appears. It is due to this FIFTH FORCE
    [pushing force], our galaxies, stars, planets, moons, satellites etc. are moving in definite path and we are standing on our Earth. I know it is a big claim that I am making, but it is on the basis of some basic theoretical research. It will change our STANDARD MODEL and open new path for exponential growth in research.