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Brainstorming workshop on Open Design School + National Design Innovation Network

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Reverend Sir,

The intention & plan of Innovation Council is very loud & appreciable.

Sir, I want to highlight some innovative initiatives, essential for motivating the bottoms of our social pyramids to participate in INDovation (it is my innovative style of writing “INDIAN INNOVATION)
INDovation - needs innovative initiation

India is the country of innovation & reverse innovation since ancient time. But today it seems to be confined in a small, better to say in very small groups. Innovation is a very reputed word, but we don’t try to understand its meaning & benefits. The reason of it is our MYOPIC VIEW; we have been learning to get good marks, good jobs & good money instead of getting good knowledge, good application & good innovation. Think about the world if Aryabhatta, Charaka, Birwal Sahani, J.C. Bose, H.J.Bhabha, Swami Vivekananda, M.S.Swaminathan, C.V.Raman, S.Ramanujam, V.Sarabhai, A.P.J.Kalam, T.Thomas etc. studied for marks, money & jobs? Now a day SOCIAL MEDIA is said to be the 5th pillar of our society, there is no doubt in it because

1.       it is the plateform where we, the common people easily express ourselves

2.       we can also judge the psychology of our so called ACTIVE SOCIETY.
But it is also important to note that how many members (in PERCENTAGE term) of our ACTIVE SOCIETY are giving some new ideas or concept for our society, our country? They feel good in using CUT, COPY & PASTE or in RECEIVING & FORWARDING. 

The main reasons for that may be:

1.       untrained teachers
2.       environment of home, school, colleges, professional institute, working place
3.       lack of platform to express (with recognition)
4.       conservative mind set at implementation point
5.       risk & financial support
6.       lack of awareness about the real PROBLEM
7.       MYOPIC VIEW-satisfaction with present performance
8.       lack of desire to maximize the return on investment(ROI)
9.       lack of fire to serve the society & country
10.   extra burden on the same bureaucratic team-without knowing his/her contribution in innovation

I opine that importance of INNOVATION must be taught to student since school level by teachers & parents in more simplistic & practical way.

“INNOVATION is nothing but the process of developing the ‘NEW’ from the EXISTING/NEW RESOURCES by using NEW SETS OF TECHNIQUES & TOOLS for MAXIMISING THE IMPACT”_shreekant

“Innovation & reverse innovation only flourish when we develop the skill to understand the PROBLEMS because PROBLEMS & DESIRE TO DO BEST is the base of innovation.”_Shreekant

Simplest Explanations: One day my 4 years old son made contact between a steel plate containing soup & the plastic bottle containing chilled water kept in a tea table. I asked him the reason of the same he replied that he was trying to cool the soup- it is not an INNOVATION for us but it is certainly an innovation for a four years old child because he understand the problem-‘soup is too hot to take’he showed desire to do the best-‘how to cool the soup quickly to drink’. In other word he gets NEW-‘cool soup (in less time)’from NEW RESOURCES-‘bottle containing chilled water’ by using NEW SET OF TECHNIQUE & TOOL-‘made contact between metal plate & plastic bottle’ for MAXIMISING THE IMPACT.

If student develop this type of qualities with knowledge, they certainly become the part of  “INDovation” team.

‘Problems without solution is more dangerous’. I really thank the GOVERNMENT OF INDIA for making “INDIAN INNOVATION COUNCIL” under the Chairmanship of Mr. SAM PAITRODA, the think tank & the father of ‘TELECOM REVOLUTION-in INDIA’. 

The planning of reaching up to schools is also very good & gives long term positive impact on our mission to become ‘SUPER POWER’ with “INDovation

We need some innovative initiative to strengthen the INNOVATION COUNCIL, they are:
1.       PUBLICITY-Highlighting the INDIAN INNOVATION COUNCIL with different means.

2.    SPECIALISED PORTALA single specialised portal of Government of India where all the information regarding “INDovation” is available (like IPR, COPY RIGHTS, INNOVATION IN ALL SECTOR & SUBJECTS, CURRENT TOPICS FOR INNOVATION etc.)


3.       ENCOURAGEMENT-The suggestion given to INNOVATION COUNCIL must GENERATE UNIQUE CODE for the sender & the council-the main benefits of this are:

a.       In case of implementation the credit goes to the person(s) who given it first.

b.      If in case the suggestion is not suitable at present scenario, still it is in queue. Say after 10 years later this will be implemented anywhere India the credit goes to the person(s) who logged first.

4.       MOTIVATION-INNOVATION COUNCIL must give invitation letter to concern person if any work done on his/her suggestion(s) for participation.

5.       ROLE MODEL-Teachers must be trained for innovation & encourage to submit at least 1 innovative project per year.

6.  STUDY MODULE-Developing module for developing INNOVATIVE SKILL for the target group-students, teachers, professionals etc. –if essential for entrepreneurs, industrialist, parents etc.)

7.     CERTIFICATION & APPRAISAL-INNOVATION must be one of the important parameter for assessment of target group-by creation organization/institution for taking exams. like SIX SIGMA.

8.       ACTIVITIES-Organizing seminar/group discussion on the importance of INNOVATION

9.       GUIDELINE- Highlighting the steps of innovation to common people such as:

a.       Understanding the field (target environment, where we have to do innovation)
b.      Understanding the PROBLEM(S)
c.       Understanding the opportunities
d.      Upgrading knowledge & skill
e.      Analyzing cost & scope
f.        Considering the risk.

10.   SPECIAL STATUS- Team must have interest & time for innovation, innovation must not be the secondary profile of the teams. Down the line members must be an innovator.

Sir, I would like to request a line from you as an expert on above note. Hopping this will give some value addition in your mission.

Thank you for your time.


[M.Sc. (Phy.), M.B.A. (Pers.), M.B.A. (Mktg.), Dip.-in Soft. Engg.]

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