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“REGENERATION OF STAR & FORMATION OF SOLAR SYSTEM - Potter Man’s concept” – a new hypothesis for the formation of our solar system - by SHREEKANT

I HAVE GIVEN NEW HYPOTHESIS FOR THE FORMATION OF OUR SOLAR SYSTEM ON 24th JULY’2015  in International Science conference [“Planetary System – a synergistic view”] at Vietnam [19th-25th , July’15]. The title of my oral presentation is “Regeneration of Star & formation of a Solar system – a Potter man's concept
The abstract is as follow:
From: KANT
Institution's Name: Swaraj Groups
Address: Flat No.-211, Block-B, City Palace, Sher-e-Punjab, Adityapur, Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, India
Talk/Poster: either
The 96% unknown stuffs are very important. The invisible space is filled with dark atoms. Dark energy moves in a gap between white & dark atoms. Our universe is 4-dimensional, but not of space-time. I applied the concept of fifth force that arises due to the pushing nature of Dark energy in the formation of Solar System (Potter Man’s concept). The effect of shielding in moons and asteroid belt formation is studied. Pulsation of Sun during and after supernova blast and its effect on the composition and rotation of ejecta also considered. During supernova blast
heavy elements come out first. The distribution and presence of elements and compounds are not random, it depends on some criteria. Formations of water, methane, carbon di-oxide are also controlled by certain condition but it does not assure the presence of life or habitable condition. The chances of life are negligible around the primary stars. In our system first planet formed was Mercury, then Venus, Earth/Moon, Mars, Asteroid belt.
Earth’s moon formed just after the Earth, better to say simultaneously. Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus & Neptune are not a planet; they are junior Sun (Jr. SUN). They came in the system during speedy contraction of Sun, just after supernova blast. Pluto may be an exoplanet that came in the same way. Kuiper belt is the ‘highly energetic belt’ capable of making new bodies when raw materials are present. The alignment of Sun, Planets and Moons may cause entry of foreign body in our system.
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