Thursday, 10 October 2013

GRAVITY- a pushing force, arising due to the Unification of Dark Energy

GRAVITY- a pushing force, arising due to the Unification of Dark Energy
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It has been consider that gravity is pulling force, from Newton to Einstein; everybody claimed that gravity is a pulling force, only its cause had been the matter of doubt. But, Einstein by his theory settled it. He claimed that it is the depression (bending) of space-time that is generating the pulling force. These concepts are now topic of doubt because it is not able to explain many of the ‘cosmic phenomenon’. At this stage of development, ‘out of box thinking’ shows a new path. Actually ‘Gravity’ is an ‘Effect’, which is pulling by nature, its real cause is not a pulling force as it has been assumed, claimed & proved time and again. The real cause of gravity is the “pushing force”- the single force of the universe that governs all the phenomenon of the universe. This fifth force is created by ‘unification of dark energy’. This paper explain why we stand on earth, why value of the acceleration due to gravity is more on earth surface, how tides form, how a satellite feel extra force while going other side (dark side) of the moon. It can also explain why our galaxies, stars, planets, moons, satellites etc. are moving in definite path. This concept will change our STANDARD MODEL and open new path for exponential growth in research. It can be used to explain the reason of expansion of universe, formation of galaxies, black holes, stars, planets, moons, asteroids, kuiper belt, comets etc. It is also responsible for the formation of dark atom and white atom (present visible atoms). So, I may conclude that our galaxies, stars, planets, moons etc. are not pulling us towards them, as it appears.
Key words: Gravity, Pulling force, Fifth force, shielding effect, standard model, dark energy

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  1. sounds interesting,but would need to know more, like why is light speed limitrd