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ALIEN THEORY gives 2nd OPINION on the whole science from ‘Classical to Quantum’. 
It is not an easy task for any present THEORY or PEOPLE to do so.

I don’t want a certificate of correctness right now, but I do expect that I get the record of my work.

My works not only unify the four fundamental forces, but also explain/re-explain almost all the   phenomenon including recent researches.

1. Wild New Study Suggests The Universe Is a Closed Sphere, Not Flat - MICHELLE STARR, 5 NOV 2019

This result proves my hypothesis about the origin and development of the Universe.

2. The Milky Way may have two super massive black holes

Measurements of stars orbiting our galaxy's core suggest our 4-million-solar-mass black hole, Sagittarius A*, may have another super massive companion lurking nearby. By Smadar Naoz, The Conversation  | Published: Thursday, December 12, 2019

This result proves my hypothesis about the origin and development of Black Holes after the Big- Bang. I have written mail to Prof. Dijkgraaf, Director, The Institute of Advance Study, Princeton dated 05th, Nov.’2019, just two days before his speech at Princeton on ‘Einstein’s Dream – From the Big Bang to Black Holes’, mentioning the topics of my research and scope.

3. Mysterious oxygen spike seen on Mars puzzles scientists

This observation also proves my hypothesis about how the elements or compound adjust themselves on the basis of conditions. I coined two terms for that at an International Science Conference in Vietnam.

4. A momentous view on the birth of photoelectrons

Despite the fundamental importance of momentum transfer, the precise details of how light passes its impulse on to matter are still not fully understood.


I am the individual researcher, writing a book on ‘Theory of Everything on the basis of Dark Atom & Dark Energy’ after working about 7 years on this topic.

I am not challenging the formulas derived in Physics completely, but do the same for reasons or explanations behind it.

I am not challenging the results / observation in Physics completely, but do the same for its error and interpretation.


Mostly, in Terrestrial Science [Present science based on 4% stuffs] scientists are deriving the formula on the basis of present facts, conditions and results. After that they expand the formula in the past and future to predict the same in a broader sense. Which is not correct in my view [Universal Science, based on 100% stuff].

Think what if half life of C-14 is different in the past? What if we produce a condition here that increases the wavelength of light coming from a distant source? What if we the frequency of Cesium vary with different conditions? What if curvature is there, but there is no space-time fabric?

All the comments, views or 2nd opinion on my blog, in different science magazines/periodicals/blogs are the part of Universal science [based on 100% stuffs - including dark atom & white atom]


I don’t know how to read, how to write, how to speak the earthly language but I know how to think.

When I interact with the people, I have to explain each and everything from my point of view [Universal Science]. It is also true that my theory and hypothesis are speculations for the people because it is not published in any Journal or not, have been explained in so called scientific language, but one thing is common between us is ‘OUR UNIVERSE and its phenomenon’, which I also explain.

It is also true that I don’t know ‘space – time’ fabric because Einstein was not in my world but I know the structure of the Universe. Similarly, I don’t know Stephens Hawkins but I know how black holes work, I don’t know Bohr and Schrodinger but I know how quantum world work. I don’t have different telescope/satellites like Planck, Hubble, Chandra, and Cassini but if I am correct I should explain their data.


Our present science is based on 4% stuffs [visible] of the universe which is insufficient to understand the 100% of the universe.

1.  Our new research findings have been continuously indicating a new science.
2.  We are unable to find SUSY.
3.  Unification still seems impossible.
4.  New data from Hubble, Chandra, Planck’s satellite


If above problems are really an unsolved problems and our present concepts or theories are unable to address them, then my research give the explanations.
Our present Science is based on the 4% visible stuff only.
Introduction of new science with the knowledge of 100% stuff is essential. It may explain and re-explain the different phenomenon.
Present science is based on the contribution of our greatest scientists, but it is also appearing and speculated that the universe is not only ours. Then it compels us to rethink on our theories. What if Einstein, Newton, Heisenberg, Schrodinger, Bohr were not born in other parts of the universe. How they understand our universe? 
It may become the 1st science which explains and re-explain the different phenomenon, from ‘black holes to quantum’, from ‘gravity to the uncertainty principle’, from ‘electricity to magnetism’, from ‘weak nuclear force to strong nuclear force’, from ‘light to heat’ on the basis of 100% [ Dark Atom, White Atom & Dark Energy]
Unified theory is still a dream - Classical or Quantum or String theory unable to explain or re-explain so many phenomena.
It may explain the ‘REAL UNIFIED THEORY’ - it may the first successful attempt to unify the four fundamental forces of the Universe as a 5TH FORCE.
Formula based explanations may only for the people of our earth and good for experimental proof and application only.
Condition based explanations is for all the probable creatures of the universe where they do not know even about space-time or Bohr model or Schrodinger equation.
Some people may say it is speculation, but I want to ask ‘IF ANY NEW SPECULATIVE HYPOTHESIS CAN EXPLAINS/RE-EXPLAINS/ PREDICTS SO MANY PHENOMENONS mentioned in my blog / conference / magazine / periodical / other’s blogs?




1.  Unification:

a.  Gravitation, Light, Sound, Current electricity, Magnetism, Electrostatics, Strong force, Weak force, Different forms of rays are explained by DE
b.  Heisenberg uncertainty principle and universal science
c.  Helical motion of earth & proton by DE

2.  Dark Matter [DM], White (visible) Matter [WM], Dark Energy [DE] and their interaction.

a.  Structure of universe
b.  Relevance of time
c.  Dark energy [DE]
  (i)  DE and its formation
  (ii)  Movement of DE
  (iii)  Interaction of DE with DA and WA
d.  Dark Matter [DM]
  (i)   Dark Atom [DA] and its formation
  (ii)  Movement of DA
  (iii)  Interaction of DA

3.   Big Bang – a cyclic process

a.Reason of Big Bang
  (i) What happen to WA, DA and DE when our universe contract
  (ii) Why the Universe expand with so fast
  (iii) Reason of Cold spot, Super void and Axis of evil
  (iv)  How first Atom, Stars and Galaxy formed
b.  Fate of Universe

4.  Black holes, Galaxy and star formation.

a.  Galaxy and analysis of its core and arms.
b.  Formation of black hole & formation hyper giant stars
c.  Black hole – a factory where WA is undressed and its organs are removed for transplant
d.  Information loss
e.  Conversion of mass into energy and energy into mass
f.  Nucleo-synthesis
g.   Formation of primary stars

5.  Gravitation – a pushing force

a.  Understanding the gravity
b.  Role of 5th force [better to say ‘1st FORCE’ or ‘GIANT FORCE’ or ‘FUNDAMENTAL FORCE’]
c.  Factors that control the gravity
d.  Explanation of different phenomenon
  (i)  Reason of variation in Earth’s gravity
  (ii)  Expansion of Universe
  (iii)  Reason of extra force on the other side of moon
  (iv)  High orbital velocity near the Sun
  (v)  Cause of tide
  (vi)  Path around the stars
  (vii)  Size of … and gravity
  (viii)  Radius of geostationary orbit & condition of our atmosphere

6.  Solar system formation

a.  Regeneration of stars and formation of solar system – a potter man’s concept
b.  Formation of water and atmosphere and their retentions
c.  Habitable planet and probability of finding
d.  Volcano and earth quake
e.  Dooms day
f.  Reason of CO2 increase on earth
g.  Van Allen belt
h.  Asteroid belt and Kuiper belt
i.  Chirality of RNA and origin of life

7.  Quantum physics

a.  Formation of elements
b.  Weak nuclear force and DE
  (i)  Relevance of electrostatic force and DE
  (ii)  States of electron and energy
  (iii)  Spin of electron
c.  Strong nuclear energy and DE
  (i)  Arrangement of baryon and electrons
  (ii)  Number of electrons and protons in an atom
  (iii)  Dark atom baryons
  (iv)  Formation of isotopes
  (v)  BOSON and others in MeV to TeV range
d.  Hydrogen ion & proton
e.  Thermophobic and thermophilic molecules or compound

8.  Explanations and re-explanations different phenomenon.

a.  Electricity
  (i)  True nature of electricity
  (iiPotential difference
  (iii)  Lightening
  (iv)  Seebeck and Paltier effect
  (v)  Electromagnetism
  (vi)  Superconductivity
b.  Magnetism
  (i)  True nature of magnetism and role of DE
  (ii)  Reason of earth magnetism and its reversal
  (iii)  Is monopole possible?
c.  Heat
  (i)  Generation of heat
  (ii)  DA, WA and DE and heat
  (iii)  Conduction between crystal
  (iv)  Iron first contract and then expands
d.  Light
  (i)  What is photon?
  (ii)  Light and its propagation in inter-atomic space
  (iii)  Speed of light
  (iv)  Reason of duality of light
  (v)  Interference and diffraction
  (vi)  E = mc2 needs correction
  (vii)  Photo-electric effect
  (viii)  Black body radiation
  (ix)  Blue shift and red shift
e.  Mass
  (i)  Relevance of mass in Universal science
  (ii)  Generation of mass
  (iii)  Mass at the speed of light
  (iv)  Center of mass
  (v)  Acceleration due to gravity ‘g’ and the mass of falling body

9.   Everyday science

a.  Our eye and theory of relativity
b.  Fire
c.  Launching of rocket
d.  Nervous system
e.  Heart beat
f.  Diffusion
g.  Balancing the bicycle
h.  Maximum horizontal range in projectile
i.  Pyramid’s shape
j.  Working of brain – memory
k.  Interstellar object[so called by science] – OUMUAMUA
l.  Life after death
m.  Astrology & Science

10.  Scope of ‘Universal Science’

a.  Gender decision [Male or female] of child
b.  Generation of huge energy – more than present nuclear energy
c.  Making of ‘COSMIC PLANE – a plane with extra-ordinary high speed’
d.  Understanding human at atomic/molecular level – beyond GENES

Interdisciplinary conference/ talk/ discussion/ collaboration can give new direction and momentum to our science.

A long debate in simplest language can promote science among common people.

A documentary or movie on the above topic can be possible.


Since 2013, written several letters to different renowned scientists/ organisations/ institutes/ editors of the world.

1. A paper "GRAVITY"- a PUSHING FORCE [-a "Layman concept of Unified Dark Energy"]" sent by me on 17th, Aug.'2013 to one of the reputed Journal 'General Relativity and Gravitation’, It was rejected due to scientific language.

MANUSCRIPT No.   GERG-D-13-00356     [I have mail & pdf - file generated by the Journal] 

2. I had given an oral presentation at the International Science Conference, Vietnam on “Planetary System – a synergistic view” [19th – 25th, July’ 2015]. My topic was “Regeneration of Star & formation of a Solar system – a Potter man's concept”. But organising committee had not   published the proceeding that year. [But I have an original PPT presentation; any agency can check its   originality. There is no change from July ’2015]

3. After confirmation from the organising committee that they were not going to publish proceeding, I   had taken DOI from FIGSHARE, but, it is also not working.

4. Fighting on financial front too.

1. How I refer my unpublished paper, presentation and work? It is very important for coming science
2. How I present my all raw data/work immediately before SCIENCE COMMUNITY for further discussion?   Since 2013 I have been seeking platform.


I don’t want a certificate of correctness at this stage of science; I only want to put my work on record. If it is on record, I can take professional help to convert it in scientific language or in a book.

I am ready for talk, conference, discussion, interview, collaboration, etc. on the above topics.
It is least expected by the individual researcher from the scientific world.

Shreekant, Individual Researcher